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SmartThings - Apps Missing, Hub No Longer Available

(Chris) #1

I got a SmartThings hub a couple days before Christmas. Plugged it in, claimed it from my phone, and installed a Leviton Universal Dimmer for a set of lights. I was able to control the lights via the iOS app, I was thrilled.

I then started tinkering with apps, I made a total of three SmartApps. All three have been visible via through early this morning. Suddenly, just before lunch today (right now, 11:00 am PT), when I login to, I see only one of my apps, and my hub is no longer listed, instead a message stating that I don’t have any hubs yet is displayed. Other areas, such as

Also, the SmartThings app errors from my phone. Is the way SmartThings works? Was easy to setup initially, and now nothing works… I have cycled the power on my hub and waited for the green light, still no dice.

(Bob) #2

Check your emails. Known issue being investigated.

(Chris) #3

Thanks for the reply, no email stating there is a problem. The status page also indicates no issues.

(Chris) #4

It’s back now…

(Bob) #5

It does now I’m afraid.
Perhaps you need to subscribe to emails.

(Neal ( / #6

Its back up now.