Smartthings app support dropping for android 7.1 and lower

Apparently smartthings is now dropping support for android devices that run version 7.1 or lower. Here is the if the relative notice:

Dropping update support (that is, no more updates), but it says the app will continue to run as is on the older OS.


Thank goodness too. I may be using an old Note 5, but the darn phone just works without a problem and the battery life is still really good.

I am jealous of my wife’s new S20 and how much faster ST is on it, but I plan on updating my phone very soon. I just hate having a perfectly fine device (and completely scratch less too) just fade away.

I suppose I can use Galaxy Upcycle now… oh no, can’t use that either. Ain’t worth crap $'s either.


It is just a matter of time, that they will change something on the cloud side that it will break completely the old apps…

The devices provided through app updates is a bit disturbing…

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You can use Galaxy Upcycle on the OLDER phones, oh wait, as you just wrote… :rofl:

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while i use a couple of phones, i just checked my old CHEAP (read: if it breaks its no big loss) goto phone that i use on a daily basis and its android 7.0.

Huawei Ascend XT2 H1711 | 4G LTE | 16GB, 2GBb RAM | Android 7.0 Nougat | GSM Unlocked - (Retail Packaging) $120

I think i paid around $20-30 for it 4-5 years ago.

i know there were possible security issues with Huawei, but i dont do any banking or the likes on it.

Sould be able to use the newly released Browser-Based Web Portal on older devices for day to day use when no Automation work is needed.