Smartthings app presence sensors

So automation for my wifes presence sensor stopped working today. I looked into it and it looks like her phones smartthings app location/presence sensor changed to the new system. I say this because when you log into the IDE her device now has the tell-tale “placeholder” type.

The odd thing is my phones smartthings app location/presence sensor hasn’t changed. I find that a little odd that hers changed and mine didn’t. Is there any way I can force my device into the new system? I’d prefer not suddenly one day have it break. I’d rather do it proactively while I have time.

What is the device type for yours? The phone presence sensors should have already changed to Placeholder. The phone presence sensors switched some time ago or at least I assumed they had already been switched for users. I may be wrong on that.

as for changing it, you shouldn’t need to do anything. even though it escaped being converted earlier, it should be converted automatically by the end of the year.

as for your wife’s presence, check it tomorrow to see if it needed time to sync up properly

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Both our phones are the same model (samsung note 10+). When I left home this morning both of us were legacy… when we came home she was new system and I was still legacy. My device type is Mobile Presence.

An update… I logged out of the Smartthings app and deleted my device from the IDE. Then I relogged into Smartthings on my device and turned of the location settings. Now it appears in IDE as placeholder.