Android box running smarthings?

Hi there,

Im looking for a good android box that would allow me to run smarthings/tasker + other home automation stuff
Requirement for course would it that it should always be on 24/24

Lemme know your thoughts!

For SmartThings, there is only the SmartThings hub. It’s not like HomeAssistant or one of the open source software solutions out there. You gotta buy the hub.
Or you can use the Nvidia shield with SmartThings link:

However, that costs $39 and the shield is a HECK of a lot more expensive than the ST hub. So, definitely cheaper to stick with the hub.

But can it run tasker and other android apps from the google store?

It runs the Android TV flavor of Android, so you’ll need to research those questions further. It’s different than stock Android.

Maybe the better question is “Why do you want to run Tasker on your hub/SmartThings controller?” Rather than ask if the solution you’ve come up with will work, you could tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and there might be an alternative way of doing it in the SmartThings universe.

The SmartThings program resides in the cloud for the most part and not on your local hub. So, it doesn’t really matter where the app you’re trying to interface with SmartThings lives, you would still have to interact with it in the same way you would if you had a standalone hub. If you’re hell-bent on integrating SmartThings with Tasker, take a look at SharpTools.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback
Basically i need a dedicated android system to run broadlink RM bridge
Its a device that controls IR (similar to harmony hub but cheaper). A cheap phone is a no no due to battery issues. I would need something that plugged in 24/7

So ultimately that “android device” would need to meet the following requirements:

  • Able to run tasker (+ other tasker related addons, sharptools included)
  • able to run smarthings
  • able to act as the RM bridge
  • on 24/7
  • Install other google play apps for future projects :slight_smile:
  • using as a normal android device (games/movies/whatever would be a +)

See, your supposition that the same device needs to run SmartThings is incorrect. You do NOT need to run SmartThings on the same device as the bridge. Check this out.

So, you would only need a SmartThings hub and a device to run the RM bridge. You do not need to have one that does both simultaneously.

Thanks for the clarification Ryan!
So if we were to exclude smarthings?
As you can see i just need a cheap device that will act as the bridge

Well, for that you would need to go over the Broadlink forum and post over there. I know nothing about those devices. I will say this…I had a few RF outlets when I first got my ST hub and after reading about the RF bridges I quickly saw that it was going to be a lot less headache to replace those devices with z-wave or zigbee devices rather than screwing around with the RF bridge. The response times are just too slow and ST won’t know if the status of the device has been changed locally by a physical switch. RF is a one-way architecture. So, let’s say that you have an RF light-switch and you turn it on manually. ST won’t know that you’ve done that so it will still show up as “off” in ST. Which means to turn it off you would first have to turn it on then turn it off. Any automation you build would require that you never use local control of the switch.

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