Not receiving notification from SmartThings app on my Galaxy S9


I just setup my first 3 devices (very excited about this!), a water leak sensor and 2 of the multi-purpose sensors. I’m using the SmartThings app (version 1.7.11-25) on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (all stock OS).

I can see the state/status changes of the devices correctly from within the app and I’ve setup the automation to notify me when the state changes, but the app never send me any notifications.

I have also confirmed the app is allowed to send notifications in android/OS. I am not sure what else to try.

Am I missing something? This is my first time/day ever using home automation and i just plugged in the smartthings hub and devices today.


On your s9 go to settings, apps, look for smartthings, notifications, make sure all is on.