Smartthings app (from classic) migration / Schlage question

Given that the classic app has gone the way of the dodo birds, i’ve been struggling with my schlage. It didn’t help i’ve been away from the smartthings scene so i am feeling lost.

Firstly, I just stopped using the ST classic app I’m not doing anything crazy. I have a few routines to turn on/off the lights at certain times and using google voice to turn on/off the light ad-hoc. It still seems to work when I started using the regular ST app. Thus I didn’t click on the migration location. Thus question #1, should i click on the migration link in the classic app?

I can’t seem to get an accurate status of my Schlage lock nowadays. I recall having to install some device handler/app for the classic app. I see there’s a lock under Things in the classic app, but i’m not seeing in the regular app. I do see a lock under Smart Lock Guess Access, which allows me to lock/unlock (when it works), but the app won’t allow me to create new code. It says can’t create lock code because no lock is online, which is weird because i can see the lock status. I also don’t have a way to see the battery status. Do i need to remove the lock from ST and re-add it for it to work in the new ST app?

Last question, i also recall i added other device handlers for the light switch/dimmers (Zooz, Innoveli), which seems to work fine in the ST app. Those that are successfully migrated, what things do you recommend i need to do?

I’m starting to read up on the ST migration google links but hoping to cut through the noise. Many many thanks!

Login to IDE and see what device type is assigned to your lock. You should use either the stock z-wave lock or z-wave lock with codes. So if not one of those, edit and change, then update. Check to the new ST app to see if working. You can also look at the @RBoy device handlers for your locks as they offer more functionality.

You mentioned routines. If using routines in the Classic app, you will need to move them over to the new app to automations and scenes.

If they are working in the new app, I would not worry about them :slight_smile:

Should you click on the migration tool - once you click on it and you are using the latest version, then that’s it for the Classic app… it will only prompt you to logout and use the new app. So migrate manually all your routines and SHM and SHM custom alerts. Make sure you are set then either use the migration tool or delete the Classic app. But hurry… time is fast approaching for it to shut down.


Welcome back. To follow up on what jkp mentioned, you may want to look at this device handler. ST does not officially support programming the Schlage connect locks due to a bug in their firmware which was causing issues for many users. We have put together a patch in the device handler to workaround some of those bugs. See this topic for more details:

As for programming locks you can continue using smart locks with the above device handler or check out the LUM app which offers a lot more than smart locks:

@jkp, was hoping and expected (wc?) you (in the nicest way) to respond. Amazing the things you know and help on these threads here. I remember you helped me with some stuff previous years too!

re: device type. i’m seeing this in IDE.

|Name|Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock|
|Label|Front Door|
|Type|Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock|

and under device handlers, i see " [garyd9 : Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock]". It is working fine in the “classic” app. SO, should i still need/want to switch back to the zwave lock with code? Maybe lemme also open a case with schlage to see what they say.

re: automation, i see what you mean now. It’s empty on the new app. I only have a few i setup previously to test so it’s no biggie. What i meant to say was the “automations” under the smartapps, like the “Smart Lighting”. For example, to turn on the dining room light at 6 pm and turn off at midnight. I still see them in the new app, so i’m good. Sounds like i do not need to migrate. I just don’t know what i’ll break (if any).

@RBoy, i’m familiar with your kickass (hopefully i’m allowed to say it here) apps. I’d love to use yours but sadly i don’t need all your fancy features so i can’t pony up the cash yet. I’m awaiting for your next sale to see if i can afford it then.

Yes, that device handler has been out-of-date for some time. It will not work with the new app. I would recommend updating it to one of the stock device handlers as noted above. If you encounter problems, you may need rboy’s device handler.

Btw, how do you quote a message in reply? Can’t seem to figure it out, which is seriously getting awkward.

I hate ST. I clicked on edit, then save and now i can see the lock in the new ST app. I’m happy once again… all just to be able to see the lock’s battery.

edit to say, i did not make any actual edit. I just want to be able to make “a change” to force the system to refresh. So it appears the handler still works… for now.

Highlight the text and the “quote” option should pop up.

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bows twice since i need 10 characters.

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But does that old device handler allow you to add new codes to the lock?

Ahh no. The app says no lock online. It works as in allowing it to be added as a device in the new ST. It definitely do not have all the functionalities. I can only see the battery/lock status, which is all I need. You can do more in the classic app, but that’ll end soon.

Support Home | Official Samsung Support US. It is interesting to note Samsung says it’ll implement in the future and reference a handler but doesn’t actually link to one. Schlage claimss it’s doable under #3, so lemme open a case with them and ask. I’ll know where that’ll lead.