Beginner problem

I’m just beginning to use ST with some z-wave devices.

I have a Schlage keyless lock that works fine with the on/off button in the SmartThings app.

I want to read a SmartThings arrival sensor to lock the door when I leave the house.

When I set up the Action, the “Control a Device” section is empty. I was expecting to see the Schlage in the Devices list.

Can someone tell me why the Schlage device is missing?

Which smartapp are you trying to use to run that automation?

If you use a routine, then it should be simple to set it to lock your door, and have the routine run automatically when your presence sensor leaves.

Sorry guess I should have said… the SmartThings Android app I got from the Play store.

Yes i assumed you are using the SmartThings mobile app.

However, a smartapp is the term SmartThings uses for an automation, and there are many different smartapps, some of which can accomplish the same or similar task.

It’s not intuitive, I know. It’s just the terminology ST decided to use when they created this system.

As you can see, there’s lots of information in the official ST support pages, you can feel free to take a look for yourself :wink: