App crashes constantly

I have had my SmartThings now for nearly three weeks and apart from the first two days have not been able to use anything as, as soon as I open the app and click on any room the app crashes with an unexpected error.

I have emailed support twice but had no response which I personally think is pretty poor when I’ve spent nearly £500 on items.

I have followed the advice on the website regarding clearing the cache and data as well as un-installing/re-installing but nothing seems to stop the unexpected error causing the crash. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy TabPro and both do the same.

Has anyone heard of anything like this before or have a solution?

I moved over to SmartThings as my existing Lightwave RF home automation, although good, was suffering due to the limited app and beginning to think I may have just wasted a lot of money.

Thanks for any advice.

The word around the board is that since the Maintenance is completed the next portion to come is a new app. we will see what happens.

I got a reply about essentially the same issue (nearly impossible to use Mobile App due to freezing/crashing) and the word I heard was that they’re already internally testing the next version, so hopefully it makes to the Play Store soon.

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same here fingers crossed … hangs within a minute no matter what I do

Also worth pointing out that you probably haven’t heard from support yet because they’re having to run all the emails from UK and Ireland through the Metric-to-Imperial conversion process and that’s been a big buggy. Once they get that worked out and get some new African Swallows to carry the coconut message pods back and forth across the big lake support communication should improve.

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This is a fairly common issue right now for users on android devices on both sides of the pond. If you can find and install the older 1.x version of the smartthings app you might be able to to move forward. If you feel this option is pretty shitty (and i won’t disagree with you if you do) you may want to return the items you have purchased.

Can someone email me older version thanks.