SmartThings and IFTTT not linking DO NOT UNLINK!

Seems like smartthings was removed while they are working on it. returns a 404.


We don’t have an ETA for a fix just yet, but our engineering team are investigating as we speak, and you’ll be the first to know when this has been resolved.TTThanks,
Daniel from IFTTT

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Still not on the app. Really unfortunate…

Yes I can confirm legacy still works, however, disconnected an applet by mistake and now won’t reconnect, I assume its because of the the issue above.
And as stated before, linked services does nothing appear in my account for ST nor does a search for it bring it up in the search results

Can I be the second to know? I just followed the steps of unlinking and relinking only to find the posts further down that SmartThings has been taken down while they fix.

I added DO NOT UNLINK notice so hopefully whilst the fix is in progress people will not lose their functionality.

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Investigating - The SmartThings service is temporarily unavailable. Existing SmartThings Applets will continue to run, but new Applets cannot be created at this time.

We appreciate your patience while we work to restore service.
Jan 11, 2023 - 12:16 PST

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Same problem here. Let’s wait it out. In my case my applets did not work anymore. They were removed completely…

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I have linked to the new service IFTTT. Then i go to EXPLORE and search for the Smartthings service. It doesn’t find it, but presents applets for the IFTTT service to turn on a ST device with the press of a single button (from the IFTTT service). When i try that applet, it goes to the Smartthings legacy service to connect and sees all of my devices to authorize. When i select all of my devices and hit Authorize, it fails to connect. But now in the ST app it shows IFTTT as a linked service. BUT IT STILL DOESN’T WORK.

I can verify that my current applets appear to work but I caution about doing any changes as it appears you can not access the SmartThings service in order to restore.

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IFTTT Status


Yes DO NOT touch existing Applets as they will fail to work. Current legacy created Applets on ST continue to work…for me anyway

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Still down on day 6

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My legacy SmartThings stuff has stopped working too for the past week.

Still down.
And I too unfortunately tried to follow the instructions above and removed the link between ST and IFTTT, before reading I should not. Grrr…

Any updates folks. Starting to loose hope. Should we write a new api ?

All my ST (IFTTT applets) died on Dec 23. Following this thread for any updates. TIA

Any updates folks ? Any work arounds ? Still F’d up on my end.

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My iftttdotcom/smartthings (legacy) continues to work.

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I also have a tab opened with this link:
When I see smartthings come back as a service, then I know it is the new connection and I can begin to test.

I have just recoded all my IFTTT Smartthings applets to sidestep this issue.

I use IFTTT and Sharptools to connect my Wyze cams to Smartthings. I am intercepting Wyze notifications using the Android Device Trigger in IFTTT “Android Device - Notification received from a specific app” as my IFTTT IF (which means that I have the IFTTT app open on my Android device and Wyze is set to notify me when, for example, it sees a person). Once triggered, the IFTTT THEN flipped a virtual switch in Smartthings which in turn triggered a rule in Sharptools.

Before: IFTTT IF Android notification THEN Smartthings flip virtual switch, which triggers Sharptools.

I am now using the IFTTT Webhooks service as the THEN. To do this, first go to Sharptools and create a Trigger based on an HTTP Event. The Sharptools trigger creates a URL that you can paste into an IFTTT Webhooks THEN. That’s it, paste the URL and leave the rest of the optional fields blank. You are done and may no longer need that virtual switch in Smartthings.

After: IFTTT IF Android notification THEN Webhooks calls the URL which triggers Sharptools.

You can also create a Sharptools HTTP Action (vs SharptoolsTrigger). So for example, I have a rule in Sharptools that says if I turn off my Smartthings virtual switch named CameraNotifications, Sharptools takes the Action of calling a URL that IFTTT Webhooks service picks up as it’s IF. So, flip a switch in Smartthings which causes Sharptools to call a URL which IFTTT IF Webhooks picks up and THEN Wyze service turns off camera notifications.

For more on the Webhooks see: Webhooks Integrations - Connect Your Apps with IFTTT and then click on Documentation. There you will find the your Webhooks key and the syntax you will need to paste into Sharptools HTTP Actions. When you come to the part of the syntax where it says {event} substitute an event name you make up, such as for the above CameraNotificationsOff. You also need to get rid of the { }.

Further, I suggest you create a variable in Sharptools to hold your IFTTT Webhooks key, and use that variable when building the webhooks calls from Sharptools to IFTTT. This is useful, because if IFTTT’s Webhooks somehow breaks, IFTTT’s solution is to regenerate your Webhooks key. Without the variable, you would have search/update all your rules. If a variable, you just update the variable with the new key.