ADT Pulse Integration/DIY Question

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the forum and I am new to the whole Smart Home world.
I have an IT background, but never got into the Smart Home thing, but now that I have a new home, I want to start integrating things.

I already got homeseer dimmers, alexa, locks, etc…, but now comes to the security system.

I know that ADT Pulse offers a few goodies that would work with SmartThings, but I want to get everyones take on if it is worth it or not. I know that they provide me with the window and door sensors, as well as the touchscreen control panel, as well as the 24/7/365 monitoring, but would I be able to just purchase all the door/window sensors myself, as well as the wireless motion sensors? How about the touch control panel? Would that need to be bought from ADT Pulse? or can I purchase it myself and have it utilize ADT’s monitoring service?

I just do not want to pay the high monthly price tag for it.

I think you may have some confusion between the two systems:

ADT Pulse is a monthly subscription security service that requires ADT provided hardware. If you purchase a plan that includes a piece of home automation equipment, then you can add additional z-wave devices that you purchase separately. This is completely separate from SmartThings, though both platforms can work with Z-wave devices (door/window sensors, light switches, motion detectors, etc).

SmartThings is more of a Smart Home/ Home Automation/ DIY Security system. There are no monthly subscription costs, but SmartThings requires an active internet connection. The SmartThings interface primarily revolves around the app, so most just use a smartphone and the SmartThings app to control their system. If you really wanted a control panel you can turn a standard tablet into a touch screen control panel using SmartTiles. With SmartThings you would purchase all of the Z-Wave or Zigbee sensors (door/window and motion) and switches from any retailer. There is a collection of officially compatible devices, but most common devices that work with the Z-wave standard will work with SmartThings.

Last year ADT announced a service that was suppose to offer remote monitoring like ADT Pulse using your SmartThings system, but there hasn’t been much news about it since. A different security company, Scout Alarm, offers a $20 month to month professional monitoring solution that integrates with SmartThings.

SmartThings would offer better compatibility with your existing smart home devices than ADT Pulse and you wouldn’t be stuck with a monthly cost if you just wanted to monitor your home using the app. You wouldn’t need to purchase anything from ADT to build a custom Smart Home/Security system.

Thank you Eric.
So what would you recommend? Do I go for the ADP Pulse that uses wireless technology or go with the regular ADT which uses land line?

Either way, I have a smartthings hub, as well as dimmers, locks, etc…

So I guess my question is, do you think it is better to have the sensors go through the ADT system, or smart things?
Is there anyway to integrate z-wave items into a regular ADT system (non Pulse)?

Have you looked at AT&T Digital Life. It is not an official integration but I have Homecoud Hub working rock solid for more than a year now. The service is similar to ADT but usually about $5/month cheaper.

My suggestion would be to stick with the SmartThings hub and add the sensors you need/want for added security. You can trigger lights on/off or other routines with motion and door/window sensors integrated into SmartThings. This way you get use out of the sensors even when you are home and the system is not armed.

If you want automatic calls to the police and fire department (“Active Monitoring”), then get an ADT Pulse security system. If you just want passive monitoring so that lights come on and a local alarm goes off if an intruder tries to enter your home, then just add those elements to your SmartThings system.

As far as I know there isn’t a way to have z-wave devices paired to multiple hubs or systems (i.e. sensor connected to both SmartThings AND ADT Pulse). This sort of integration would require the 2 systems to talk to each other, similar to the way Philips Hue lights and SmartThings work together.

Thanks for all the advise
Now im just debating if I should get the ADT system or the ADT Pulse system.

ADT - Land-line connection, no 2-way communication, no touchscreen panel, wired door/window contacts
ADP Pulse - Wireless connection, 2 way communication, touchscreen panel, wireless door/window contacts

With the recent integration of ADT to Alexa as a smart skill, is the ADT API now open for ST integration?