Using SmartThings as the PRIMARY controller with ADT Pulse


I’ve seen a number of topics on here about using ST as a secondary controller on an ADT Pulse z-wave network, but I’m wondering if anyone has had any success using the ST as the primary controller. I would like to be able to add/remove devices with ST instead of Pulse, especially since Pulse’s list of compatible devices is so small. I don’t see any way in the Pulse interface to relinquish primary control to another controller, and I am skeptical that a secondary Pulse controller would recognize/import devices added by the ST primary controller.

Any thoughts or results from your own trials would be greatly appreciated!


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I never found a good way, and in fact just ripped out my ADT pulse (tired of competing on zwave frequency)

I already had invested in stuff around the house that fully replaces what I got from them. (I started with ADT pulse and moved to smartthings due to their arrogance and poor support at ADT)

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I have both Pulse and ST running in parallel. I have both security and home automation running on ST plus a lot more devices on ST that I couldn’t add to ADT. I was about to pull the plug on ADT till ST had some reliability issues posted recently. I am now in a wait and see mode, want to dump ADT completely and save myself $80 that I can go and invest in some good cause.

You can migrate all ADT z-wave devices except the lousy cameras (OC810/i1000) to ST. You can use Smartcam HD camera 6410 on ST instead. As far as security is concerned you will have to build a bridge between ADT’s Honeywell /Ademco system and ST Hub using preferably Alarm decoder, Arduino and Smartshield. The instructions are posted on github are pretty detailed, will cost you $100-$120 on hardware and little bit of your time during the weekend. A lot of us have done that., Once you are up and running you will see ST elegantly manages ADT hardware that you have at home and uses all contact, motion, smoke and other sensors through Alarm integration. Also you are $60-$80 better off every month without ADT in your home. You can continue use both in parallel as well as I am doing now. A lot of good Samaritans on this site will lend you a helping hand, give us a shout.

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Thanks. Yeah, I’m going to give it a shot, but I might end up going the rip-out route as well. I’m interested to see what ADT ends up doing in the next big update (IFTTT or HomeKit?). But either way, I’m sure it will be a hot mess and won’t have near the customization I am getting with ST.

My Smarthub integration with ADT has been working fine for well over 6 months now :slight_smile: Thanks to the community out here. I have a question. Has anybody been able to modify the code on github so that you can Arm the system even though a door or window is open (fault sesnor). On my ADT Pulse if you arm a system anyway when a window or door is open it will alert you but then you can push arm anyway and the system will be armed. The disadvantage here with the code is if you forgot to close a window you will not be able to arm the system remotely. Please advise

can anyone please send me a link on how can i connect my ADT PULSE system to my SMARTTHING HUB ?

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Have you ever gotten the link to connect the ADT Pulse to the Smartthing Hub?

I haven’t had any success, but we are getting other options that will solve this issue as long as the new ADT SmartThings Hub works with our existing ADT sensors: New ADT partnership, new touchscreen hub and devices 10/29/2017

Only if the new hub still allows normal ST functionality.

How are you using it? How did you connect it?
What I really want to do is have my Schlegel lock disarm the system when I get home.

When I leave I want to put it into away mod. I want security sensors and locks on ADT and everything else on sT but working together based on home alarm state


@Nelson_Valdes: did you have that link to connect ADT sensors to Smartthing Hub? , can you please forward it to me (

Thank you