Smartthings and Device Location

Member phones have stopped automatic routines for location change. These routines have worked for years but stopped working last week. Routines such as returning home turning on lights? Any suggestions on what has happened.

Android or iOS? What manufacturer/model? There have been reports of Google Pixel phones having location issues of late. To narrow it down to whether it’s an issue with changing location mode or it’s an issue with the geo-tracking on your phone, I would suggest adding a virtual presence sensor to your Routines to change your presence state when you leave/arrive.

If you have a hub, I’d recommend the vEdge Device Creator Edge driver from @TAustin for creating your virtual presence sensor(s). If you don’t have a hub, you can create a cloud based virtual presence sensor using the ST Advanced Web App.

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Member phone locations stopped working here too. IFTTT location is also unreliable. Any other suggestions for location integration with Smartthings for Android phones?

I posted about this yesterday:

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