Location Triggers Stopped Working (Dec 2023)

For the past few days, none of my location triggered routines are executing. I have a welcome home routine that is no longer triggering for any of the 5+ people when they arrive. I have a actiontiles on a tablet and do see the devices entering and leaving the home location.

This was happening a few weeks ago, but ST corrected the issue. I’m not familiar with how smart tiles does its location tracking, but I would suggest setting up a virtual presence sensor using the vEdge Creator Edge driver if you have a hub or using the ST Advanced Web App if you don’t. Once you’ve created the virtual presence sensor, create two Routines to set the virtual device’s state based on your location tracking. That will give you an indicator of whether or not your phone’s geo-tracking is working properly or not.

Whenever I experience geolocation issues on my Samsung Galaxy phone, I toggle airplane mode On/Off and that seems to resolve the geolocation issues until the next time it happens.

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I believe I found the issue, looks to be a newer option in the routine for “first time someone arrives” when it should have been “every time anyone arrives”. Not sure how it was changed and I cant find the option any more now that they have been fixed but it is working now.

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