Smartthing HUB not changing mode automatically?


I set my home in the ST app and I went to shopping center. I notice my mode didn’t change. So I click on Routine and click on Away.

When I get back to my house it’s still on Away. Why is that?

I have android Galaxy S7 Edge.

I do have location to ON and set to HIGH and in the application in setting the permission is set to allow Location.

Is the ST app suppose to tell the HUB I’m home so it change to Home mode or I have to do it manually?


Do you have to have something set up to change it to home mode when you arrive, it doesn’t do it on its own. Usually this would be a routine.

I can’t click on it.
It say you can’t currently add this

Looks to me like you still need to add your phone to SmartThings as a presece sensor.

Go to “Things”, click on the plus sign top right of the screen, then select “coming and going”. It will ask you to choose presence sensor or mobile phone. Once the phone is added you will then have a presence sensor to use for the routine in your screenshot.

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I have added it. I’ll see if tomorrow it change.

Also for the push text message. Do I put 11 digit 1+area code+ xxxyyyy or 10 digits area code+xxx-yyyy?


10 works for me.