Integreations to Google and Alexa down right now? (7 Dec 21)

SmartThings integration with Alexa and “OK Google” was working fine last night … now it is dead… just me? or is everyone experiencing this.

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Yes… AMazon AWS services are experiencing issues today

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Happening for me with a whole bunch of different devices on different IOT platforms, so I think it’s on the Alexa side.

Siri is still working fine, another indication that it’s not the devices, it’s the Alexa side of the integration.

Oh, no, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS is down! :scream:

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Interesting… My Google Mini is dead too…
Samsung is making out of my router so the problem is “in the cloud”

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Reports are that the various services and sites are slowly starting to come back. Some of mine are back, some are not. You should not have to do anything in most cases, it will just come back on its own as the service is restored from the Amazon side.

From ST:

SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance
Incident resolved
The issues with our cloud service provider have been resolved and full functionality has been restored. Please contact us via if you have any questions.
.### Time posted
Dec 8, 05:39 UTC

@JDRoberts, which AWS center was the issue? The same which caused the downtime the other 2 times as well?
You wrote about that maybe a year ago when a similar AWS issue happened.

I mean this one: