SmartThings - mobile data problem

Hello all,

I have problem with SmartThings app (ver. when using mobile data. When connected to WiFi, everything is working fine, but when on mobile data, app is saying “Preparing everything”, I cannot add new location, cannot delete old one etc. It seems like it is not recognizing internet in my phone. I’ve reinstalled app several times, cleared app data etc. When i first saw a problem was the time when i had added AC in my app. I was using Wifi connection all the time. When I was at home, i could do everything with device, but when I was at work with no WiFi network - I couldn’t control my AC. So that’s how I discover, that ST is having problems with mobile data. Of course I checked Android setting - I don’t have any app restriction not to use cellular data, no limitations. Any ideas why I can have such problems? My phone is Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975F/DS, modem N975FXXS7FUEA) with Android 11, Knox 3.7 and OneUI 3.1 - all latest available. The same goes with ST app - no new updates on Google Play or Galaxy Store. Also - no apps which could restrict access to mobile data.