SmartThings - mobile data problem

Hello all,

I have problem with SmartThings app (ver. when using mobile data. When connected to WiFi, everything is working fine, but when on mobile data, app is saying “Preparing everything”, I cannot add new location, cannot delete old one etc. It seems like it is not recognizing internet in my phone. I’ve reinstalled app several times, cleared app data etc. When i first saw a problem was the time when i had added AC in my app. I was using Wifi connection all the time. When I was at home, i could do everything with device, but when I was at work with no WiFi network - I couldn’t control my AC. So that’s how I discover, that ST is having problems with mobile data. Of course I checked Android setting - I don’t have any app restriction not to use cellular data, no limitations. Any ideas why I can have such problems? My phone is Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975F/DS, modem N975FXXS7FUEA) with Android 11, Knox 3.7 and OneUI 3.1 - all latest available. The same goes with ST app - no new updates on Google Play or Galaxy Store. Also - no apps which could restrict access to mobile data.

Stil the same problems?

I am having this problem after migration to a new phone. Sony Xperia 1-3. ST works fine, on all WiFis I connect to. Mobile data connection does not work. I set permission for ST app to use mobile data, still does not work. My old phone runs smarthings fine on any WiFi and even when connected through my Xperia’s hot spot. It must be some additional data setting on the Xperia.