Smartthing Hub in Australia?

Hi All, I have purchased SmartThing Hub from Amazon but live in Australia, while I have not set it up yet I gather this unit will not work here?

You have to put the Hub upside down and also invert your Smart Phone while using the App. The ZigBee & Z-Wave communication to Things usually works ok if they are all oriented similarly, since all the radio waves need to spin in the same direction.

We’re working on a “down under” feature for SmartTiles to flip all the Tiles so it will still be readable on most rotated tablets.

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I am using the unit here in Australia, It is working perfectly. I bought OSRAM lights from Bunning and other sensors that use the US Frequency from Amazon, Great Solution.

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Thanks Tom, I was worried about the frequency issue but your feedback has given me peace of mind. I have installed We Mo light switches which work well with their app and will be interested in how they work with Smart Things Hub!

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Hi Tomerv,
are you mainly using this for lights or did you install light switches and power outlets controlled by Smartthings - if so can you point me in the direction of what you are using ? also are using z-wave or only zigbee ?

I did both
You can try wemo switch you buy in Bunnings or you can order Z-wave VISION SINGLE RELAY MODULE SWITCH from to control in wall lights switch

It will work there, but it is a criminal offense to use the US or UK Z wave frequency in Australia, as it can interfere with local mobile phones.

See the following:

You can use it in Australia legally, as long as you disable z-wave from the IDE. All zigbee devices like bulbs (osram, wemo) and the sensors in smartthings kit work fine.

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Been using in Australia for a year now. Have the US version. Works great. Have mainly zigbee devices connected.
Hoping an AU Zwave dongle gets released so I don’t need to buy a new hub.

Your Osram lights are on Zigbee, not Z-Wave

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Right. Thanks for your correction

Hi all,
Just weighing up whether to pull the trigger on a smartthings purchase and just get all zigbee/wifi products as it looks like they are taking their sweet time getting the Australia z-wave frequency compatible. I am building in March/April so I can’t continue the waiting game any longer. Smartthings is compatible with a lot of my products that I want to get and it’s in front in terms of other solutions like Vera, Homeseer and Home Assist.

I’ve been researching a lot and the only product i’m really struggling with is light switches. What are people using for their lighting solutions that work with smartthings in Australia? I’m not a fan of using bulbs for every light I want to automate as they becomes really costly.

Also just as a general CTA what products are people loving at the moment that work in AU?


Hi Jacky,

I am using WeMo light switches and love them they look great and work well. You will need to run an earth to each switch which you will need to advise electrician!


Thanks Craig.

Any thoughts on WeMo being wifi and clogging the network or you haven’t seen this happen?
What about 2-3way switches?
Panels as well? I’m looking at it from a new build perspective so I was thinking a 3 panel switch near lounge/kitchen but can’t seem to find much on zigbee or wifi panel systems.

Also sorry for the newb question… earth wire different to ground? ie isn’t earth nearly always done on new builds or is it something I will have to ask for?


Hi Jackie, it’s neutral that is required which is not normally required if your just using a standard light switch so I’d use a sparky as this will mean in most cases a new cable will be run from your ceiling space to your switch. In your case your builder/sparky should be aware of this requirement as early as possible so it can be considered when drawing up the electrical plan for your new build.

Been waiting for ST to release in AU for over a year now. Anyone tried getting the Samsung Extend USB?

I sent a feedback via email and chat to Samsung AU to send a feedback to their supervisor to bring ST to AU officially.

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I believe if anyone wants to use au frequency zwave could attached a zwave controller to home assistant and use mqtt to bridge the devices across to smartthings to control.

Thanks @aarick
Please let me know how this goes.

Hey Chris…I’ve no plan at this stage to get this as I’m happy with just ZigBee devices, but if I do one day…I’ll let you know…

I’ve just received our ST hub in Australia from the USA and I can’t even connect it to my phone :frowning: so you have any advice to helps please?