Using US/UK Smartthings in Australia?

Hi all. I’m really interested in Smartthings however it’s not currently available in Australia. It looks like it will launch here officially next year, however as I have a need to set up a system very soon I’m looking at importing.

I have a few questions, though. The Zwave spectrum used in the UK and US is not allowed in Australia. Is the hub’s Zwave frequency selectable, or is it factory locked to each region? If it is locked, and I can’t choose the Australian frequency, is it possible to disable Zwave completely? If it can’t be explicitly disabled, but I don’t use any Zwave devices, will the Zwave radio be ‘off’?

I’m currently planning to buy some of the official Zigbee based sensors and an American hub, but switch to an Australian hub when available. Are there any differences between the UK and US versions of the Multi and Movement sensors? Are they locked to each region in any way? i.e. are they likely to be compatible with the future Australian hub?

Greatly appreciate any feedback that can be provided.

The international FAQ should be of help. (This is a clickable link.)