Smartthing hub groovy change

My former colleague wrote groovy script for our old device ,now we development a new device which extern the old device and want to change groovy script , is it possible ?

I am a new develope member in smartThings . In Get Started with SmartThings Edge | SmartThings Developers I am not sure how to buld a script . For example , I have download SmartThingsEdgeDrivers and want to test zwave-thermostat , how to make it ? My system is windows and I have install SmartThings CLI.
Below is my step:

  1. Install SmartThings CLI
  2. Put zwave-thermostat under smartThings install fold : smartthings.exe
  3. In the install fold and use cmd command to install driver :
    smartthings edge:drivers:package zwave-thermostat

The next I am not sure how to do

Hi @Yong Welcome to SmartThings Community

in this case, you will need to create an edge driver, you can start with this documentation Driver Components and Structure,

You can use the SmartThings Driver as an example or SampleDriver which is a repository with some examples.

If you want to check the official documentation Edge Device Driver Reference — SmartThings Edge Device Drivers documentation

Once you have your driver, you will need to install the driver on your hub and test it, with the followings commands you can install your driver and see the logs

smartthings edge:driver:package  

smartthings edge:channels:assign {id_driver} -C {id_channel}

smartthings edge:channels:install {id_driver} -C {id_channel} -H {id_hub}

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat

if you have more questions please let me know :saluting_face:

zwave-thermostat is from demo driver , below is error message .

C:\SmartThings>smartthings edge:drivers:package zwave-thermostat
logging in… done
Driver Id cc140daa-9175-4830-918a-5396ae940f2d
Name Z-Wave Thermostat
Package Key zwave-thermostat
Version 2023-09-20T02:48:20.973157533

C:\SmartThings>smartthings edge:channels:assign cc140daa-9175-4830-918a-5396ae940f2d -C 5
AxiosError: Request failed with status code 500:
{“requestId”:“1203095687960276114”,“error”:{“code”:“UnexpectedError”,“message”:“A non-recoverable error condition


in this case, you forgot the id of channel

smartthings edge:channels:assign cc140daa-9175-4830-918a-5396ae940f2d -C <uuid here>

or you can use this command

smartthings edge:channels:assign cc140daa-9175-4830-918a-5396ae940f2d

and the CLI will ask you

Thanks ,it works ok now .
Is it able to add setting manual like this :

Upper is our old smartthings script which use for Zwave configuration command settings .

If you are referring to How your driver can display the setting option? you need to add preferences to your profile. but this only gets user input, if you want to use it in your driver you will have to handle it over the driver
here is an example: