Smartthing find - allow device to be found

Recently I’m not able to refresh the location of my watch 4 classic and bud pro 2.
It keep asking me to allow devices to be found in smartthing settings.
But everytime that i try to enable it, it just doesn’t

I have cleared the smartthing cache, uninstalled, reset the watch and buds and also tried another phone.
But nothing, the problem is still there.

Any suggestion?

Hey bud, any solution? same thing here with me.

No solution yet

I’ve not got a watch or bud so I am flying a little blind here. Where do you see the error message and what exactly does it say? And what are you doing when you ‘try to enable it’ and what does is it that it doesn’t do?

On smartthing find whenever i try to refreshe the bud 2 pro and watch4 classic location it gives me an error that couldnt get the location. This location needs to be allowed in Smartthing Find > Settings > Allow device to be found. But anytime i try to enable it, it just doesnt do it

Ah OK, that is about as clear as it can get. Sadly I haven’t a clue.

Did anyone find a solution to this? It still doesn’t work for me for my Watch4 and Buds Pro

To Anyone having this issue the omly way to resolve this (* at least its how i solved mine* ) was to get a new device model with the same Region as my buds and galaxy watch , as my former device was a s20 US model after upgrading to S23 Canadian model which is the same region as my buds and watch the problem was fixed instantly so try this out.

How did you find the Region of your devices? I cannot find mine :frowning:

Their model numbers , you can type them on google to see what region they’re made for

I solve the same issue with wiping data and cash from “Find My mobile” app, not in the SmartThings app (“Find my mobile” is samsung service app which opens in the SmartThings frame). Also I deleted updates for this app. Then I open SmartThings, it updated FindMyMobile app and now everything works fine!