Smarttag2 box lost - need qr code for registering

Husband threw outbox that Smarttag2 came in and the Smart Things appliation can’t find tag. Removed battery for reset. Box had QR code that Smart Thing uses. Need help to get application to see tag.

Although you can use the QR code, you shouldn’t have to.

One important point: that model will only work with a Samsung galaxy phone. It will not work with any other android phone or an iPhone. It only works with the following models. Other models will not be able to detect the tag.

Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra

Galaxy SmartTag2, White Mobile Accessories - EI-T5600BWEGUS | Samsung US

Assuming you have the right kind of phone, open the tag and make sure that you have removed the plastic wrapping that was in the battery compartment.

After that, follow the instructions in the user manual and it should connect to your nearby galaxy phone:

Plus the S22, S23, S24 series of Galaxy phones. Those that have an UWB (Ultra Wide Band.) The Galaxy Fold does but the Flip does not.

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