Smarttag not visible in webinterface


I recently bought a smarttag and connected it with the smartthings app on my Galaxy S9+. All works fine there.

So I wanted to play around with the api a little bit and oppened the smartthings webinterface.

But I cannot see the smarttag as a device there, devices are always empty. Tried uninstalling the app, tried resetting the smarttag, no change, only shows up in the app.

The strange thing is, that I assigned the smarttag a custom room (Vespa). This is shown as group in the web interface, but still no devices visible.

Is the smarttag even supported in the api??

thanks in advance



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Maybe @nayelyz can help you out.


Welcome to the SmartThings Community @Erich_Jarz!
Our engineering team keeps working on the availability and reliability of the SmartTags in the API.
You should see the SmartTag listed in the Devices endpoint but all the capabilities have a null value in the Device Status.
Up to now, the SmartTag information is only available at the SmartThings Find SmartApp.

Thanks, @Andremain!



Thanks for your reply. So I will wait till functionality for the smarttag is implemented then …


Anytime! Please, remember to mark the solution of your post so others can take reference from it. Thanks!

I want to use SmartTag Plus as a tracker. I use SmartThingsNet library for that. But I can’t get Tag’s location using it, location is always empty.
API: /devices/{deviceId}/status
Can you tell me when will the API work for getting location?

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @kamorin!

I’m verifying some details with the engineering team, as soon as I have more information, I will share it with you. :smiley:


Hi, are there any new information on this case?
It would be great if we would be able to get information about the smart tag through the API to implement it in our home automation systems. The current method to physically get the phone, open the SmartThings app, then select the smarttag as a device, then open the Smart Things Find app just to eventually see the location data is a little bit laborious and inconvenient. If we had access to the data through the API, we could automate things like “if the tag is moving away while it shouldn’t move at all, do x” or “if the tag is in location x, do y, else do z”, and so on. And we could directly implement this in our home automation systems like openhab or iobroker. All this is currently not possible. Therefore i would be very grateful if this will eventually be possible, i mean the capability-fields are already there for months now. I don’t think that it could be too hard to just populate those fields witht data instead of null :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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I am very interested in this too - and had separately (before I found this post) queried this here: Smart Things cli - Smart Tag - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

Such a shame - feels like the data is nearly in our grasp.

I am trying to be optimistic. On the other hand I consider the mobile presence device and it seems strange that after several years it not only still doesn’t include any detailed geolocation data, but it doesn’t even include the battery level of the phone.

That said, the attributes are ready and waiting in the tag devices so that has to be a good thing, doesn’t it? Maybe not …

Is this API ready yet? Super excited about it :hugs:

@nayelyz: When will you could make this feature sorted out? Can we maybe help? I guess there are very much developers here who can do it in a few hours :slight_smile:

If I have my phone and smarttag in the same luggage which get lost, how can I find it?

Thank you. And happy new year.

Hi, I recently received feedback about this:

  1. The SmartTags are considered privacy-sensitive devices, that’s why that information is not shared in the SmartThings API.
    • About this, think of when you give “read” permissions for all your devices to third parties, if people do it without noticing they would be sharing their exact location, they would be at risk.
    • In the SmartThings Find app, you can enable/disable location sharing
  2. The team mentioned that having that info available requires a lot of processes to define the purposes of the exposure and define privacy measures to protect the users. So, we can’t make promises about that.

The SmartThings Find app allows you to invite other members and share your device’s location with them, so they could help you locate your things in that case.

The team is constantly improving the tools they provide, your comments or reports about them help enormously in this evolution

Thank you.

I think you really should give us opportunity to get the location of the tracker.

But to put it simple: If I login to “”, why can’t I view my own SmartTag? What’s the security concern with that?

I also barely understand the security concern with the API. If your (not-so-smart) user is generating an API, he/she should be warned, and taught on what his/her risks are. That would be the evolution in 2022. And not the way backwards and banning your (smart) users to use the real benefit of the services by not exposing stuff onto the API.

To be fair enough, can you please evaluate my question on why can’t I view my SmartTag in “”, if I can view my Phone’s location, my Buds’ location, my BudsPro’s location, and my Watch’s location in there?

Thank you!

I am not totally buying into all the arguments @nayelyz has passed on but is good to hear them and thanks to her for extracting them.

My tuppence worth …

There is the Find My Mobile side of things with authentication at an individual Samsung Account level and at a device level within that account.

Then there is the SmartThings side with authentication based on Samsung Accounts but at a SmartThings Location level.

So two different approaches which both make sense independently. A nice line can be drawn between them.

Something like a mobile phone sits happily on both sides of the line. Find My Mobile is a function of the phone. SmartThings mobile presence is a function of the app. They are basically separate things.

SmartThings Find is where the confusion begins. Initially it was effectively just the ‘missing app’ for Find My Mobile. It was a bit of a cuckoo in the nest but wasn’t doing any harm. Indeed it wasn’t doing anything much at all.

However now we have the idea of BLE Connected devices such as the SmartTag. They are installed through SmartThings and have some interaction with it via their ‘owner’ phone. So they are SmartThings devices. However they are also SmartThings Find devices. They don’t reach as far as Find My Mobile but they fall under its way of doing things. The line has been obliterated

I think we at least need the line back, even if it is blurry. If nothing else the SmartTag needs to be able to operate as a presence sensor, the same as the phone associated with it. It would be a game changer.

I just would like to see my Tag’s location online, that’s all.

But now it seems that the only device which is not trackable online (Among: Phone, Buds, Watch, Tag), is the Tag because of that blurry line.

So Samsung did designed a device which is intended to find things, but it’s the only Samsung device which can’t be tracked with a browser. :slight_smile:

In my experience ios and android phones work well as presence sensors in ST. Smarttags only work as real time presence sensors when in range of the blue tooth of the parent phone so don’t really add anything as a stand alone device. Another user in smartthings can’t make the tag ring for example. I have to connect to my mother’s phone with teamviewer and then open smartthings find on her phone to get all the functions.

I am more interested in what they could do when out of range of the phone for whatever reason. They could still act as presence sensors, which sounds like the most we could get given the perceived privacy issues. They might not have the range of applications that some/many users find for the phone presence but they would still be useful.

Yes they can, but only in the same circumstances as the ‘owner’ i.e. connected to the tag over Bluetooth.

I think there might be some country limitations then, because:

I can leave my SmartTag (for trial) in PlaceA (workplace), and its location is perfectly queryable with my phone from quite a distance (5km).

And my phone is not just showing SmartTag’s last known location when it was in my phone’s range, but it also shows my Tag’s live location if there is any other Galaxy user around.

That’s a massive legal stuff, whenever you accept your phone’s EULA, you accept that your phone will help Samsung to find the SmartTags around you. You won’t be able to see whose SmartTag your phone is seeing, but your phone will upload your location along with the ID of the SmartTag to the Cloud.

Then the authorized owner of the SmartTag can see the tag’s live location from the Cloud through your phone.

That’s the reason why it’s much more attractive than other trackers (like Tile). Because Samsung has a lot of users worldwide so you can expect a high chance of someone (some Galaxy phone) sooner or later will find your tag and upload its location. (Again, find here happens in the background without user intervention or user attendance).

So it works really good in my environment, but if I put it in my bag (along with my phone), I won’t have a chance to get its location, since the only device capable of that will be with it in the same bag.

I think the point being made was that if the phone is in range then the tag location isn’t adding information you don’t know already, and if the phone is out of range there will be a delay before the tag asks for help and location updates will be unpredictable after that, so it is not real time presence.

They are nice things if you get them at the right price (I wouldn’t pay more than £15 tops for the basic model) but they are too passive. They need to expose some useful capabilities.