SmartSense Non-Local Device Types

A few weeks ago I’ve experienced system instability mainly with my zigbee devices. After working with support to troubleshoot the problems, their solution was to install “non-local device types” for my failing motion sensors and to disable the local processing on my account. After the chat session ended, I was able to confirm that non-local device types were installed for two sensors, and also that I no longer had any apps running locally.

For almost a week I had no problems with my system, everything was working properly. I noticed a little lag, but nothing significant. However Saturday, my system started acting up again. My presence sensor is arriving without leaving, some of my light automations just don’t work - even if the individual devices are functional.

A quick check in IDE showed that some apps are now listed as running locally (even some flagged as “Beta” in Android that “not yet supported for local execution”). I thought that if I go in and change more devices to the “non-local” versions the problems will go away, again. Well, I had no luck finding them. They are not available as templates, not available on GitHub. @slagle, would it be possible to make them available for public somewhere, so I don’t have to chase support? I have non-local for motion sensors, but this weekend I had problems with multi sensors. Also, is there a way to disable the local processing altogether while things get worked out on your end?

Here are some screenshots:

Custom device type not available

Beta feature “not local”:

Beta feature listed as local (all Motion OFF apps use the beta feature)

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I was fortunate enough to catch the support folks on chat during my lunch break and my lights are back to normal! Here is what they did. Many, many thanks to support for being available on chat!!!

Installed “non-local” multi sensor:

And disabled my local processing:

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Any device you copy and publish yourself will be a cloud device. That’s how I do my testing. Just switch between the official device and the same device code i published myself.


I figured that is the case because I compared the device type available in templates and the device type installed by support and there is no difference. It’s good to know now, in case I have problems again, I just change the device type and that would kill my local processing. Is that true? Or is there something else that support does to “disable” local processing?

Support doesn’t have a magic button that can disable all local execution for your hub. What the meant by that is they did basically what I was talking about and switched your device to a device that doesn’t execute locally.

Exactly. Once you switch away form the official device type to one you published the execution of the app/device will be put to the cloud.

For a little more clarity there are 3 things needed to run an app locally.

  1. App is able to run locally
  2. Device itself is able to run locally
  3. Official device has been added to local execution in appEngine

If one of those three things is missing it will run in the cloud.


I would love to see a report in the IDE that shows every device, and whether it means #1, #2 and #3. Just a high level check list. Show me what theoretically is “ready for local processing” vs whatever may “require cloud”.

Would be a really cool tab, shouldn’t be hard to build either.

Great idea, you should add it to the IDE requests thread:

( that thread is monitored by the SmartThings staff responsible for the IDE UI. :wink:)


Wouldn’t really say that’s an IDE issue, but I see no harm in throwing that on there anyways.

I’ll do as you suggested!

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It’s for IDE feature requests, too, not just bugs. :wink:

Fair enough!