A couple of questions about "local" devices

Hey all.

I’ve got a couple of questions about local devices in this list:

1 - all of my ST branded hardware is in this list except my ST motion sensors. Is that normal or should they be there too?

2 - when people say that custom device types won’t show in the local device list… The definition of a custom device type is a bit fuzzy to me What I mean exactly is that I use Hue bulbs but without Hue Hub… There is a ZigBee Hue Bulb listed in the device type list even though this isn’t officially supported. Is this a custom device type or one that can be local?

All zigbee and zwave with non-custom device types appear on my list

Custom device type = any device type with changes of the stock option.

If Hue bulb is connected to ST hub and is using the official zigbe bulb device type it will show on the local list. Any zigbee bulbs using the stock device type will show as local (e.g. GE Link)

A custom device is one that you have published for your self, and then used to replace the device type that st assigned when it was paired, even if your device type is an exact copy of the stock one. Any device type that you publish and use will disqualify it from local execution.

It’s weird that both of my ST motion sensors are not in the list. If it was one I’d say it was a mistake and I should re-add it…

Anyone else have ST motion sensors NOT showing up in the local device list?

This is the device type I am using: SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor. If yours has a different name, go in IDE and switch the device type. You may need to reboot your hub for the change to take effect.

Here are directions received from support when they had to temporarily suspend my local processing:

here’s how you can switch the SmartApps back to running locally:

Log intohttps://graph.api.smartthings.com

Click ‘My Devices’

Click on your Motion Sensor

Click ‘Edit’ at the bottom

Click the ‘Type’ dropdown.

Scroll up and change the Type to ‘SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor’ (the list is in alphabetical order)

Click ‘Update’

Then, press the red button on the back of the Hub to reboot it, and that should get the apps running locally again.

You can double check by going to this link:



@SBDOBRESCU thanks very much.

For some reason the device type was “SmartSense Motion Sensor”. As soon as I changed it to “SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor” it moved to the local list.

Thanks again!

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