Smartsense Multi open/close not reading activity

Hey all,

I bought the V2 package that came with the motion sensor and open/close multi. It installed fine and open/close registers fine however vibrations do not register.

I thought maybe this was strictly an open/close device but in the smartthings store it does say it reads temp, vibrates, etc. I tried different device types in the IDE and when I change it to a multi open/close it still reports correct open/close but the device shows as a constant active, it’s never inactive (I am trying to get it to work for the laundry monitor app - I have an older multisense that works great for my dryer)…

Any ideas? Is this indeed just an open/close?

Thanks so much!

If I am understanding correctly, you are talking about the customer appreciation bundle available for pre-order?

If that is the case the bundle came with a motion sensor and a open/close sensor. In this case the device you have would not be able to detect vibration like our multis can.

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Yup, that’s the one. I guess I figured they were all multi senses… Now to figure out a use for open/close… Thanks!

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