SmartSense Multi Sensors not working with mesh wifi

I just jumped over from a v2 hub to Samsung mesh wifi with the smartthings integration. I’ve got about 60 devices I’ve integrated back into the new hub and seem to in general have better connectivity and I’m happier with the setup.

I do have two devices that I’m having an issue with. A couple of old SmartSense Multi Sensors no longer report all their abilities, just open/close. It looks like there was a firmware update to 0x00000004 and I no longer see temp or motion on them. I’ve got a v1 hub running in another house with a couple and they are just fine. Is anyone else running into the issue with the new hubs?

My email to support came back with a response that they were old and no longer under warranty. (???)

Is the open/close reporting correctly?

Yes, it is reporting perfectly fine in that aspect.