SmartSense Motion Sensor

I recently bought the newer model of the SmartSense Motion Sensor to keep an eye on the house and temp. I setup an action to turn on a fan when the temp goes above a certain temp and have not been able to get it to work. Anyone have any ideals on how to fix this? I’ve tried IFTTT and had the same problem.


First thing - Does the temp on the device actually get higher (or lower) than threshold set in the app? I just want to make sure you aren’t determining temperature against one device but triggering against a different device.

I’ve been playing around with different set thresholds within the app and it still never kicks on. I think its currently 67 in the room that I have the sensor in and the app is set to turn on the space heater if it gets lower than I think 60 right now (again trying to get it to kick on) and still have no luck.

67 is not lower than 60. Did you mean higher then 60 ?