Virtual Thermostat Smart App not working

(Timothy Affolter) #1

I am using a SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor to monitor a room and activate a fan when above a set point. I am not sure I have the app set up correctly however am unable to get the fan to come on automatically. I have the set temp at 80 deg F and the Emer Temp at 85 deg F , the Minutes =5. (not sure about the minutes however changing it or omitting it does not seem to make a difference. Heating or Cooling = cool. No modes selected.No Motion selected. Outlet = Fan. What am I missing? Shouldn’t I be able to see the app active and waiting when viewing the hub?

(Adam) #2

Did you ever sort this out? I’m having issues using the Virtual Thermostat as well, though it worked fine for me last year. Frustrating.

(Timothy Affolter) #3

I did get it to work but I’m not sure what I did sorry but it does work .