Virtual Thermostat Smart App not working

I am using a SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor to monitor a room and activate a fan when above a set point. I am not sure I have the app set up correctly however am unable to get the fan to come on automatically. I have the set temp at 80 deg F and the Emer Temp at 85 deg F , the Minutes =5. (not sure about the minutes however changing it or omitting it does not seem to make a difference. Heating or Cooling = cool. No modes selected.No Motion selected. Outlet = Fan. What am I missing? Shouldn’t I be able to see the app active and waiting when viewing the hub?

Did you ever sort this out? I’m having issues using the Virtual Thermostat as well, though it worked fine for me last year. Frustrating.

I did get it to work but I’m not sure what I did sorry but it does work .