Calibrating temperature for new (2014) SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor

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I just purchased the new SmartSense motion sensor primarily for the motion sensing aspect. Having the temperature sensor is gravy though.

Having said that, I notice a consistent discrepancy of about 3 or so degrees compared to my highly accurate Thermoworks Thermapen.

I read in other threads written in July that there is some development to allow for calibrating the reading for the SmartSense Multis, and am wondering if the new Motion Sensors will also have that capability.

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(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

If you look at the example devicetype for the new motion in the IDE it has the offset commented out. No idea why…

Probably need to open a ticket with support to find out… Otherwise just uncomment it and see what happens. If you are daring…

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Hi Patrick,

Are you always on?? I’m new to the community, but see your responses everywhere! :smile:

Anyway, I’ve only played with smartapps, but not devicetype. However I do see what you’re talking about after opening the example. Interesting that it was only disabled recently. I might try it out… or contact support.


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Just take breaks between my work. Been a long weekend of work for me :smile:

Only takes a few minutes to respond. The ratio of people who participate vs those that lurk, ie just read is low.

More people need to participate. I just try to set an example…

Good luck with the new toys…

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Appreciate your sharing your knowledge, Patrick. The contributors on this forum have definitely helped me ramp up faster than I would’ve been able to on my own.


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It is commented out because the offset input type used hasn’t been released to production yet. If all goes well, the release should be today.

edit: tomorrow

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Good to know. Thanks Andrew!

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Can you plug in the new Smart Motion Sensor like the older ones or is it battery only? What is the battery life with both motion and temperature in the new sensors? Anyone have an idea?

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I can only answer the first question: the new motion sensor can only be powered by battery, as the micro USB port has been removed.

You can read more about it in the following thread:


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Just saw the offset available in the device settings yesterday and am very happy to have it.

I played with it a little and noticed that the offset isn’t reflected in the temperature display immediately and would require an actual temperature change for it to show. This is not a big deal per se, but something that anyone who’s trying out the feature should be aware of.

Still, thanks to SmartThings for making this feature available!


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Good afternoon everyone! This is my first forum post, and I wasn’t sure whether it was more appropriate to begin a new topic, or tag onto this one, as it is semi-related to the original post…in any event, here goes:

I am using the second generation SmartSense Motion detector, which seems highly reactive with respect to identifying and reporting motion, however, I am finding the integrated temperature sensor less than responsive. Does anyone know how it is intended to function, and/ or best practices for optimizing performance? I currently have one set in my living room, and one in my garage. I find that the temperature only registers every 2-6 hours, unless I manipulate the device in some manner, and it may register another reading.

I am using these two temperature sensors to help generate extreme temperature alerts in a vacation home, so I am concerned that if it doesn’t register the current temperature more than a couple of times per day, then I may get the notice too late to do anything about it.

I look forward to hearing or being pointed to how the device is intended to function, so I can hopefully achieve the level of performance I am hoping for.

Thank you!!

(Eric) #12

I usually see every degreeF change, once per hour. If it hasn’t changed by at least 1F then no update. It does seem to update more often if change is 2+F (I’ve seen such updates 20 minues apart).

BUUUTT it occasionally goes silent for several hours. It seems unlikely that temp did not move but I haven’t messed with it anyway.

Maybe you can get another, or leak+temp detectors for backup. Freezing is not the only thing that will fill the basement with water.

(Mike Macaulay) #13

Yes, I’m wondering the same thing Heather. Anyone else get an idea on the frequency? Once every 2-6 hours seems like a long time for a temperature sensor.

(Andrew Urman) #14

its hourly if there are no changes, otherwise it sends a change of temp within 5 minutes.