SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor

I just seen this SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor in the shop. I was wondering how accurate it is on the temperature?
here is a link to the shop.

They should be more accurate than the previous version of the SmartSense Multi which was +/- 3 degrees. I am not sure what the exact specs are for it however.

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I am planning to get one of these but cannot find any review.

Took a chance and ordered one right now.

Now that I’m sure you’ve had it for a while, how is it with the temperature? Just got mine today and it’s WAY off by 10 degrees. Thermostat temp sensor reads 67 but the sensor was reading 77. Almost makes me want to return it.

Mine is off by 3-4 degrees and had to put an offset. Humidity is closer to what a manual AccuRite and a Frigidaire dehumidier shows. Simply put I don’t have the confidence to use it as a means to trigger some action.

I just got this and mine doesn’t report humidity (the only reason I got it), does anyone know what the issue might be?

It may take a humidity change event for it to report the first time. How long has it been set up? (or rather has this issue cleared up for you? If not you should contact support and return the device)

I have two of these, and neither reports humidity accurately. I understand that this is a “known issue” that is being looked into, but that’s about it. No fix that I’m aware of.

The known issue is only for the time period directly after pairing a new Temp/Humidity sensor. These inaccuracies should resolve themselves shortly after pairing (a coupled days MAX). That said we have a fix but unsure when it will roll out.

Thanks, Ben. I’ve had an open ticket for some time relating to this (as it is being investigated), but I have to say that mine have been paired for a month or longer now without any change in the (wild) inaccuracy of the humidity being reported. Perhaps mine have a different issue.

Mine is much closer after weeks of use now when compared to AcuRite manual one. The Aeon multi is far far off.

The fix for this just rolled out today. Hopefully that should resolve these issues for you guys.

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Sorry I didn’t see the responses here, my hub actually needed a firmware upgrade which fixed the issue.

Does anyone know the total temperature range of this device? I just got one but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I’m trying to figure out whether it has a wide enough range to be used as a freezer sensor. If not does anybody know if there is an appropriate zigbee sensor that I can use to monitor our chest freezers and refrigerator freezer?

I’ve been using the SmartSense Open/Close sensor on the freezer wall near door. It’s gone as low as -11F. Communication has been good, some occasional dropouts as it has aged and/or battery is discharged now to appx 77%.

I have no documentation of its accuracy but it has read within 2F of a couple of other digital and analog thermometers.

The SmartSense Multisensor, I have only seen them as low at 30F but I would not hesitate to try that in the freezer also.