SmartSense (3305) use in Freezer

Hi All,

I hope someone might be able to assist me, please. I am working with the SmartThings branded CentaLite 3305-S. I am using this device in my freezer to monitor 1)Temps 2) if the door opens. The signal if fine and the device is functioning, but the unit is reporting anything with a 1 degree change. Unfortunately, in the deep south, in the dead of summer, its hot. So the unit is changing temps a lot. So in turn, the battery went from 100% to 33% in 24 hours. I need to increase the change value to maybe 5 degrees.

I am not new to IDE and custom DH’s, but mostly a copy/paste ninja. So I havent been able to find a solution to this. I am pretty sure that I need to add a EnrollResponse, but not sure. I am currently using the SmartThings DH Here

the square motion sensor (gen1) that uses CR123A? or what model + battery? If it’s a model with coin cell then I would write it off - terrible life. I don’t think the frequent temperature updates are the problem.

I don’t have any advice on editing the device type, but it seems like a misapplication for motion sensor, these are pretty sensitive and you are operating in a breezy environment.

I use the Smartsense gen1 (device log says centralite model 3300-S) open/close sensor using CR2 . for the freezer door and temperature - battery life more than a year. I have not noticed that 1 degree reporting has decreased battery life significantly. My temps log looks like yours, every 5 minutes while cooling.

It is a 3305-S with CR2. I know its not really the right application, but I had it sitting around.

Doing some reading, I think this is a hardware matter that I might not be able to progromatically change.

It’s the temperature killing your battery. I’ve been using the SmartThings Multi Sensors in my freezers, and the CR2450’s that powers them can only survive a few days at that temperature. I had to get an external AA battery pack and solder it on, which isn’t the cleanest solution.

If some manufacturer came out with a temperature monitor specifically designed for freezers, I’d buy it instantly.

I honestly think there are methods to change reporting frequency that would improve the battery, I just cant write this code from scratch and cant find any good examples. For example.

The Smartthings Zigbee method “zigbee.temperatureconfig” - Looks like it can change the Min/Max reporting.Maybe it has other parameter as well, but I cant find the documentation.

The zigbee.configureReporting has a reportableChange parameter and you can change the %orDegreee change needed for an update (this device defaults a 1 degree), but I don’t know how to use this.

@bartdyer Get an Iris open/close sensor. It’s better for use cases like this. I have three freezers with the Iris sensors in them. I’m going on a year without any issues.

I’m also in the South, perhaps not the deep South, but I still see temp readings every few minutes.

Here is the implementation of that function:

def temperatureConfig(minReportTime=30, maxReportTime=3600, reportableChange=0x0064) {
		configureReporting(TEMPERATURE_MEASUREMENT_CLUSTER, 0x0000, DataType.INT16, minReportTime, maxReportTime, reportableChange)
		//attribute type 0x29. Read 6400 as 0064 -> 100 (decimal). Reporting if the value changes by 100 -> 1 deg C

For example, if you want it to report every 6 hours you could do this:

def sixHours = 6 * 60 * 60
zigbee.temperatureConfig(sixHours, sixHours)

Or say you want it to report at least once every 24 hours but also every change of 2º C or more:

def oneDay = 24 * 60 * 60
zigbee.temperatureConfig(0, oneDay, 200)

The 200 is because that attribute (called MeasuredValue) is defined like this in the Zigbee Cluster Library spec:

MeasuredValue = 100 x temperature in degrees Celsius.


Sweet! Thanks Tom. This is exactly was I was hoping for!