SmartSense Motion Detectors All Died

I have a half dozen or so SmartSense motion detectors that I bought in 2015-16. I replaced the batteries in them once with off brand batteries. They didn’t last very long so I went with Sony batteries for the second change. Now, none of the motion sensors are detected. I tried resetting by pushing the small white button while installing the batteries. I used the same batteries my in open/close sensors. They work fine. I called Samsung tech support. They couldn’t recommend any things other than replacing them., It’s odd that they would all die at the same time. Before I buy all new ones, I thought I would check here. Has anyone else had this problem?

The SmartSense motion sensors are very finicky about the batteries they will accept - it has to do with one of the tabs not making contact with the battery as some batteries are physically different. I order Duracells in bulk from Amazon. Energizer batteries will definitely not work.


I am not too confident on these sensors. I have had one die of motion but still reports temp. I re-purposed that to my brewing system as all I need is temp.
I had 2 more just up and quit when it was time for a new battery. I am using Sony and I have stretched the contacts to make sure there is continuity but nada.

That did the trick. Here’s a photo of the difference. The Duracell is on the left. The Sony is on the right. Notice that section of the Duracell extends down farther than the Sony. That’s all that it takes.

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Good to know what to buy when my batteries die.