Motion sensors really dead?

I have two smartsense motion sensors that both seem to have died. The batteries died and I have just now tried to replace them. I’m using Energizer CR2450’s. I am holding down the reset button while popping in the new batteries. The LED doesn’t light up at all. The contacts seems good on both devices so I don’t think it’s a contact problem. It just seems too coincidental that both devices are totally dead after a battery died. Any suggestions? I’m really disappointed with this. Thanks!

I believe the version you have will only work with Panasonic or Duracell CR2450 batteries. It has to do with the metal touching the positive of the battery not actually making contact on Energizer batteries (slightly different shape).

Check to see whether the label on the device has the warning…


What Alex says or you can bend out the metal tab or shove a piece of aluminum foil in between the battery and tab.

Yes, I can confirm this is the case w/ Energizer. However, Samsung sent me a revised version of of the sensor with different battery tabs. This one seems to work with all battery brands.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your quick responses. I will try another brand. I just checked and the battery compartment does say Panasonic or Duracell CR2450. I guess I focused only on the battery type and not the brand thinking they are all interchangeable. I should have taken it more seriously… though honestly, seeing name brands specified on something like a battery doesn’t always mean much in the day and age of product placements, sponsorships, etc. Anyway, apparently in this case it makes all the difference. I wish I had the newer version like David. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Yea, trying to find anything but Energizer around here has proven to but tough.