SmartRules uninstall?

Getting crashes on SmartRules as well as missing rules. Tried to uninstall, even via IDE, and no go. Super annoying because I’m trying to work on moving some of the rules (because they weren’t reliable; probably not SmartRules’ fault) into a few simple apps of my own and now both functions are running (the SR ones are complete invisible though).

Can you see the smartrules app in the IDE?

I mitigated to Smartthings like directed and my rules aren’t firing like supposed to. I see Smartrules showing up in the activity feed but nothing after

I can. And I can’t “Uninstall”. Apparently SmartRules doesn’t have a way to manage via their site etc so because the app is crashing I can’t remove it that way either. I believe these errors are due to a change that ST made recently. Before this week it SR seemed ok.

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. It looks like it could be related to this platform issue:

Hi. I was able to update to your release which fixed the crashing. However, I wanted to start with a clean slate and would like the remove the SmartApp. Whenever I try to delete it (either from the iPhone SmartThings app or via the IDE) I get an error…