Smart Lighting

I have a few rules setup in smart lighting, however, when editing one of these rules, the app seemed to crash and now if i go back into that rule, i just get an error that “i am not authorized to perform the requested operation” the rule is empty, except for remove, but the remove button doesnt work.

the rest of the rules all work fine and can be edited. I can see the rule properly in the web interface for smart things but I dont seem to be able to remove it from their.

is their anyway i can delete this one rule or will i have to reinstall the whole thing to get it working. the lamps effected by this rule have a habbit of coming on randomly which i think is related

You can delete that smart lightning instance in IDE.

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Yep, My Locations/List SmartApps/Edit (top right)

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ah sweet, that did the trick thanks!