Help Un-Installing Smart App

Hi There
I recently tried to update the code behind the Alexa Helper app by copying/pasting in the new code in the IDE and re-publishing it. When I did this the app on the phone no longer works properly coming up with “can’t save” errors. So in an effort to resolve this I tried going back to the IDE to remove the smart apps entirely and re-adding them. The problem is I now get this error when trying to remove either the child or parent apps:
“This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users”

How can I uninstall it from my phone in order to remove it from the IDE???

thanks for the help!

Have you tried reomving through the ide http://ide.smartthings.com7 ?

My Locations -> List Smart Apps -> Click Edit -> Click Uninstall next to that app

If that doesn’t work, sometimes you need to go into my apps and click the location name on the app to remove the location from the app and then you can delete it

If those don’t work, your only option may be to get support to do it

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I get this error when trying to remove it from My Locations: “There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp.”

Bummer… I guess a support ticket is in order

Maybe it can be avoided. Does the app allow you to make a change and save it? If so, make some innocuous change, save, and then see if you can delete it from the IDE.

Unfortunately not… I get “Failed to save Page” errors…