SmartPower Outlet monitor energy usage

So i know there is another forum topic with a discussion about viewing the Watt’s usage but that is instantaneous. I was wondering if anyone had or would know how to take that information provided and produce maybe a spreadsheet or something i could then use to create an estimated power usage on either monthly or daily basis kind of thing. It does create a log of the current draw in under the activity screen just need to extract that information i suppose.

I’m trying to see if there is a way to do what the WEMO Insight can do, since we can’t integrate them into ST i’m hoping i can at least get some basic information from the ST SmartPower Outlets then. I don’t expect it to provide cost etc like the memo does but just a rough estimate would be a nice start. Was actually thinking of putting a WEMO and ST Outlet in parallel to see if they both reported the same usage readings also.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.