Smartphone free Bluetooth Tracker (and More) integration with Smartthings (pre-release)

If anyone’s interested our team has created the BlueKangaroo to interface Bluetooth 4.0 BLE devices to smartthings. If you have a need please check us out on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Page:

We have even created some smart apps and device types.



I like your project, especially as 1 of your modules can “sense” up to 20 BT devices, so I just backed you.

You don’t list Track-R devices. We’d definitely want support for them as well. Let me know if there’s any info/data I can provide to help with this.

I assume that however you’re monitoring the BT devices, you’re not interfering with their normal operations.

Is your “connection/awareness” of these devices causing additional drain to them?

Hi Chris,

We are keeping track of devices that the community has indicated as being important to include - Track R has been requested from numerous folks - so yes we’ll include it. We may take you up on your offer of info (such as the advertisement message that Track R uses and how does that change if a button is pressed).

We are just "monitoring’ the BLE messages and therefore there is no impact to it’s use.

We are not asking for a connection or trying to make one so there would be no impact or additional drain.

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Hi Stephen,

Any chance this can be tuned for use as a room presence monitor as well?

It would be cool to put one of these in each room (well, I’d rather not spend that much unless there’s a major discount :slight_smile: ), and know who is in which room…a big step up from just a motion sensor.

Also, if we have more than 1 do we have the option to synchronize them (to avoid reconfiguring each…unless we do want them to be distinct/handle different devices)?

Hi Chris,

Signal strength is provided and one of the use cases is exactly what you’re asking, however it’s probably not going to be implemented this round. The BlueKangaroo will have an ability to have it’s firmware flashed using Bluetooth so these features can be added without needing to buy a new one at a later date.

Currently, with multiple BlueKangaroo’s they are synchronized. So if they are using the same network then all would “see” same thing.

Hope this helps,


Just a reminder that this is a project still in pre-release.

Like all kickstarter projects, until you can actually order it for two day delivery from Amazon, it’s all just marketing. There’s no way to tell what features will actually be delivered until it’s released, no matter how sincere the intentions. (As in Bluetooth in ST V2. :wink:)

Conversations with the company are always good, particularly in letting them know what features you would like to see. Just know that the actual delivery may differ, there’s no way to tell until it is released.

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