Kickstarter- iFind

Have been watching this new Kickstarter for a little bit now, looks like a very interesting device and the no-battery design really looks amazing.

This has got me thinking about Bluetooth integration with Smartthings again and wondering if anyone has been working on it. I don’t know nearly enough about Arduino but it seems like you might be able to build a Bluetooth presence detector through Arduino and then integrate that into Smartthings?

These iFind tags would make ideal presence sensors and possibly even a way to track people inside your home.

I apologize if this is being discussed elsewhere, I searched and didn’t find anything.

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Interesting… I think they are skating along the edge though when they say “no battery.”

I suspect they are using a capacitor of some sort (they are referring to it as an ‘energy bank’), which while technically not a battery, it is something that functions like a battery and most people wouldn’t really differentiate it from a battery.

Still, a very interesting concept… harvesting EM energy to power a small device is really a great idea, if it works. I’m tempted to support it, but I’m also a little leering of whether this can be accomplished or not. I also don’t know that I’d have a HUGE use for it.

I’m glad that I am not the only one leery of the claims that they are making. If they are real, then this is a great product, one that I will probably have to sit on the sidelines to wait and see.

The price is fairly reasonable… I am interested in it as well, makes me wish we could integrate into SmartThings…