Local Processing / Bluetooth Support / UDP

(Adam V) #1

Local Processing / UDP / Bluetooth Support

I can see that these items are not the current priority - obviously getting the system to run correctly with it’s current feature-set is the priority… but it would be nice if Smartthings could share the roadmap / order / rough timings on when these are planned in for so we can get an idea.

A lot of people bought the device on the promise that these items would come as a firmware update… so it’s only right that we have some expectation of when they will happen.

any comment: @alex @Ben @slagle @jody.albritton

(Allen) #2

We stopped waiting for Smartthings to answer the question about Bluetooth and have our own solution we are trying to bring to market. We have developed a bluetooth/Wifi bridge that can be used with smartthings. Most of the current feature set is around beacon based devices as a start, with future enhancements later. We have even created a smart app and device types. If you think this might be something that interests you take a look:

Kickstarter Page: http://kck.st/1YFYEXC



Next week is SDC and I believe the roadmap will be shared then, according to the schedule at least.

(Adam V) #4

Will the bridge be able to act as a remote for things like Nexus player? And will I be able to create a device handle that acts as that remote?

(Allen) #5

Right now the bluetooth only passively listens for devices that beacon and sends that info via wifi to smartthings. We are looking at ways to use connected devices but that would be in a later release.