OBDII Bluetooth Car Adapter Connectivity?

I know it would mean that a Bluetooth ‘bridge’ of some sort would be needed, but…

Are there any Device Handlers / SmartApps here anywhere that work to connect a Bluetooth OBDII car adapter to SmartThings?


Thanks, but I’m not talking about another product to buy.
I’m talking about all of the OBDII Bluetooth devices that many of us already have to connect our cars to our phones, etc.
I’m just checking to see if anyone has done any work on integrating something like that yet.

I doubt the Bluetooth devices would work, although the WiFi versions might be persuaded to.Just like the Vinil

How would you envision such a device to behave? Bluetooth is a short range technology. Would you want a hub in the garage so you can detect when the adapter enters the garage? What features are you looking for, and how would you anticipate that it would connect back to SmartThings?

I imagine something could be done using one of the OBD apps that link through IFTTT, like automatic or dash.

I don’t know which ones work with tasker… torque maybe?

IFTTT I know could work, but you get that delay. Something using tasker could be faster… but I don’t recall if/which OBD apps work with tasker

[quote=“royeiror, post:4, topic:46448, full:true”]
I doubt the Bluetooth devices would work…[/quote]

Why? Seems so arbitrary. If the connectivity piece has been dealt with (i.e. why I mentioned needing some kind of Bluetooth bridge), I would think which way it’s connecting should be mostly irrelevant.

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How would you envision such a device to behave?[/quote]

Haven’t really thought much about it.
I just want to connect EVERYTHING, and this just happened to be the next thing that popped in my mind as something that ‘connects’ to ‘something’ via some kind of wireless technology, and figured I’d start in on it.

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Bluetooth is a short range technology. Would you want a hub in the garage so you can detect when the adapter enters the garage? [/quote]

Yes, I am aware of the fact that Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology.
I don’t know for sure how the setup would work. For me right now, it’s mostly irrelevant since I’m not actively working on it, but I imagine that, since I will eventually have lots of Bluetooth devices all over the place (some acting as ‘Receiving Stations’ in my future micro-presence setup) that will be capable of acting as Bluetooth Bridges to my SmartThings system, I will most likely make one or more of them be the access point to my SmartThings system for my car’s OBDII unit, but who knows at this point, right?

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What features are you looking for…[/quote]

Nothing in particular at the moment; just looking to connect and control and play-with EVERYTHING. :slight_smile:

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…and how would you anticipate that it would connect back to SmartThings?[/quote]

Probably via something like a Bluetooth bridge mentioned in the OP.
This is already possible a number of ways, and I haven’t actually tried any of them yet. So, I can’t say for sure which one.

Nice…Since I will also most likely have at least one Android in the car (besides the one that’s always with me), I can imagine even having things connect somehow through that unit. Thanks. This is all good info to add to the mix.
I will take it all into consideration as I move along on this one.

Maybe your bridge could be a PI that forwards your BT info via TCP

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Ya, I like that idea. I’ve thought about the possibilities, and have wanted to get one for other things too, but just haven’t had enough time to sink into that kind of project yet.

When I do eventually get around to tinkering with some kind of Raspberry Pi or Arduino or something like that, I will indeed try to incorporate this need into the mix, but in the mean time, I’m focusing on more ready-made solutions.

There are things like the BlueKangaroo devices (LINK1, LINK2)

They’re not available yet (CrowdFunding), and I’m not totally sure if this will be possible with it when it’s ready for the marketplace, but that’s just an example. If there are other similar products, I will be considering them as well as I move forward with this.

Then, there’s also the idea of involving some of the Androids (Bluetooth and WiFi) that are and will be mounted on walls all over my house to run SmartTiles, LANnouncer, etc.