Small BT Tracking integration? (Tile)

SO i’m wondering if there is a solution out there to integrate devices like tile ( into ST? I understand there are presence sensors, but those are too big to attach them to stuff like keys and small pets.


Bluetooth support is not yet enabled on hub V2, and not an option for V1. I don’t see an IFTTT channel for Tile, which would be a possible work around, but that’s likely the extent of the options at this point.

Hopefully ST will support these BT tracking devices in 2015.

I would select a location tracking device that has replaceable batteries. I own 4 of TheTiles and they are very short lived, can only be connected to one persons phone, and do not have the distant tracking capabilities that many of the other alternative tracking devices offer. Lastly, the internal beep sound can only be barely heard when one is a few feet away. All in all, a very poor product for device tracking.

PC Magazine reviewed trackers and recommended a product like ProTag by Duet which offers excellent tracking of your assets with replaceable batteries.

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Have had an okay experience with Trackr Bravo. Wish they would integrate into ST …

I know this is an OLD thread, but I just looked into the protag and the reviews on amazon rip them apart.

Has anyone found a good solution yet? The SmartThings Presence Sensor is awful.

I have abandoned the idea of using Bluetooth devices for tracking/locational purposes. These “Bluetooth Tracking Tiles/Devices” are very inconsistent IMHO in the random connection distances, one owner BT connection no-sharing, accurate location is a hit or miss, devices have to be replaced every year as the battery is permanent and ST does not implement Bluetooth in the V2 hub.

I had higher hopes, but they are not much more than a unique use device in my mind.

Don’t they need to be connected to a smartphone? Isn’t a smartphone a tracking device?

Most of the small tracking devices, like the Tile, need to be bluetooth connected to a supported mobile device, like iOS or Android. The Tile only allows ONE bluetooth registered connection making it useless to locate a lost Tile that the other person has registered to their mobile device. Ugh!

I am not certain if the other new emerging products like Ping which is a GPS-enabled tracker that allows monitoring of all your important gear from an iPhone can perform more functions, like multiple-user simultaneous connections, crowd sharing, covered GPS access, etc, but in my use, the times that I finally located the missing item with a tracking device, I practically tripped over it.

I liken these BT Tiles to using your Auto Key Alarm FOB in a large airport parking garage, as it only honks your car horn when you are 10’ from the lost car. :wink:

Ping uses Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS to provide the most accurate possible location for each device. BTLE is used to locate the device within 35 feet of your location, cellular networks and satellites to locate devices farther away, and cellular triangulation if Ping can’t see the sky. Once Ping is located, you’ll receive a notification within the application. Bluetooth trackers, like Tile and TrackR, are great for finding things that fall behind cushions or car seats. GPS trackers already exist but they are large, have expensive data plans & need to be recharged every few days.

Pretty much all the replies in this thread are what I was afraid of, but was hoping I missed a good one. Some of them had a good idea of it being trackable because anyone running the app could report back in the location, but that would require large market penetration.

The GPS ones are all so damn expensive (and most have monthly fees…) Hopefully the prices will come down. Ping does look promising, but I think my buy price is closer to $50 than $100

Also, smartthings 2 hub has Bluetooth, they just won’t enable it. I wish they would, I bet some community developers could do some cool things.

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