Smartlock control smarthings or ring

I have been pondering over moving my smart locks over to my ring hub. I was hoping others here have already do e so and could make some recommendations. I do have a ring protect plan. I currently don’t use any automatons on my locks, other than one button press in the app at night to lock all doors. Any suggestions are welcome.

I too had my locks in SmartThings for a couple years and the “killer use case” for moving them to Ring was its ability to arm and disarm the alarm via code entry on the lock keypad – which does not work with August, but works like a charm with Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset zwave locks, including keypad only models. Ring does not expose all (or really much of any) lock programming options, such as volume, relock timing, or one-touch lock, but is aware of those events and can use them as triggers for arming and disarming. (A one-touch or automatic lock can be set not to arm, where code entry will arm.) For a guy who has set off the SmartThings alarm accidentally countless times, this has been a godsend. Status and locking/unlocking via the Ring app are quick and almost 100% reliable. Strongly recommended.

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Thank you. I like the functionality of using the keypad. Hopefully this will make my wife happy. (One less app). Also in the app locking and unlocking is that easy to get to, or is it still under devices menu.

Locks show up on the main screen once configured and installed.