Ring Security - SHM Integration

Hi Everyone. I have a old school alarm system and no visibility into ST and no way to monitor and remotely arm/disarm the system. The rest of my house is automated with lights, locks and overall in pretty good shape.

I am looking at ring security to replace my panel. I see the integration and it seems pretty straight forward as i already have a AWS account and can publish the code. Ideally i’d like to ARM/DISARM using ST-SHM in smartthings and actiontiles.

Specifically I click on ARMED away, ARMED stay, or DISARMED in ST-SHM and it toggles the alarm on and off. If using the ring app, and I ARM/DISARM, then it changes the state in ST-SHM. This would be ideal?

Does it work like this? Appreciate any and all feedback

If the ring works out then i’ll add a konnected board and connect the old wired contacts to it and now i’ll have automation on the doors and windows via ST and Ring handles the security.

Why do you need the Ring Alarm?

I replaced my Honeywell Vista panel with a couple Konnected boards and it does what you are loooking to do… unless I’m missing something?

I would ping @heythisisnate and see what he says…

It is a 2nd home and having professional monitoring is desirable. I already have a Ring doorbell + 2 cameras. So $1/month more and i get every Ring device covered at the location. Including security. Its a pretty good deal. I like having the security device separate from ST and also like the cell backup feature.