Lockitron / August SmartLocks with SmartThings?

So I’ve seen in various demos and videos that Lockitron and August work with SmartThings. I currently am waiting for my Lockitron to arrive. I don’t see either of these locks located in the “Locks” section nor in the “SmartThings Labs” section.

Are these indeed supported?

I don’t have the answer to your question, but I have a question for you, if you don’t mind.

Given the price of these things is comparable to a singular smart lock from Quikset or Schlage, what was your decision process in choosing the Lockitron over a standalone lock?

1 word… apartment. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I can’t replace the lock itself. Lockitron and August are my only options. But that being said, I think that the technology and features of August and Lockitron rival the traditional SmartLocks. For example: Lockitron has Wi-Fi allowing you to lock/unlock from anywhere… a feature none of the others have. Also forget which brand, but I know some of the others make you pay for extra virtual keys, which seems ridiculous… especially since their virtual.

I have received my Lockitron Access (pre-production unit) for gate access in my home. I will be using it along with a Doorbot and obviously want to be able to unlock my door remotely via SmartThings as well. Please let me know how I can begin this process and if I can be of any assistance to the community as I have the hardware in-hand already. Thanks!

I just received my Lockitron and have been using Doorbot for several months. Both of these companies are IOS fan companies…similar to the “open” smartthings?
Lockitron’s android app is nearly useless and Doorbot’s android app does not work at all.

My reason for needing something like a Lockitron or August is that I have a double deadbolt system. The bottom unlocks from outside, and the top is used for when I’m home and want extra security. The height of the traditional zwave locksets makes it impossible to have that second deadbolt be operational.

The Lockitron Access is used as a door buzzer for people with gates - this is why I need Lockitron integration. Can anyone please help with starting the process? They have a well-documented API and I’m sure that a simple Device Type that can lock and unlock this device would help popularize the Lockitron on SmartThings.