SmartLighting Child Pause under Edge

One feature I have used with the Groovy IDE is to pause individual SmartLighting rules without the need to create virtual switches and so on and having the rules all inside the app also keeps me from endless scrolling on the Automations tab when trying to find something. I’m wondering if this will at all still be possible in the new Edge version of SmartLighting?

I know having to log into the IDE is clumsy, but I use it for seasonal adjustments and other infrequent events where the ST logic didn’t allow for triggering:

Since I had a large number of SmartLighting rules (which all seemed to migrate fine) I’ve never needed to move them to Automations and the more Automations I added I found it harder to find them so I liked the “segmentation” the app offers. But I guess that does beg another secondary question, will there really be any point to using SmartLighting over Automations with whatever the Edge SmartLighting version offers?

This question has been asked a few times → if there will be an enable/disable switch on the new SL plugin like there are with Routines. At this point it is unknown but we will find out once ST releases the new SL plugin.

More unknowns until they release it. Will it be the same as the old SL with all the current features or will it be a new SL will a different set of features but missing some that are currently available?? Will be interesting to see what they release.

Depending on how you set up your seasonal adjustments, you can probably use the custom Vcalendar and Automations to do some of what you want.

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As @jkp said, we don’t know enough details about the new SL to judge its usefulness yet.

For example: there is a limit of 200 routines per account. SharpTools doesn’t count against that, one reason people with a lot of webcore pistons to move have been looking at it as an option.

Will the new SmartLighting rules count against the 200 routine limit or not? The question has been asked but not yet answered.

If the answer does turn out to be no, that could be a reason for some people to use it. :thinking: