Toggle individual Smart Lighting "SmartApps"

I’m just starting to explore the Smart Lighting automations within SmartApps to replace some Automations but I’m really struggling to figure out how to toggle individual Smart Lighting automations on or off. Normal Automations have individual slider buttons so thats easy to disable one or more however I only have the ability to disable all of the Smart Lighting automations. Have I missed something obvious here? Is it possible to enable/disable individual Smart Lighting automations?

Not possible I’m afraid. Never has been. It’s a new feature introduced with Automations


Urgh, that is super annoying and will probably make me rethink my strategy so. Thanks for the quick confirmation.

If you really need to disable a Smart Lighting rule, you can add a virtual switch called “Disabled something” and in the Smart Lighting rule, hit the “+” at the bottom and use the “Only if switch” under “More Options”.

Personally, I generally don’t find I need to ever disable a Smart Lighting rule. Most of mine are of the form “if motion, turn on this light”. I’ve only had the need to have a disable for 1 rule, and that’s in the room with the TV - when watching a movie, I want to turn off the surrounding motion lighting rules. I have a virtual switch called “Manual Control” and I just tell Alexa to “turn on Manual Control” and it disables my rules in that area.

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