Slow automations via Smart lighting

Hello everyone

Did anyone notice that any automation via the Smart Lighting app has slowed down drastically? I have over 40 automations and they all slowed down. I deleted one of the automations and created 2 separate routines and it worked perfectly. Any idea why this is happening? TIA

Are you using the “old” Groovy Smart Lighting app or the “new” plug in version?

The new one

I created 2 automations using the new Smart Lighting as a test and was experiencing issues as well. The other problem I had was that unlike Routines their did not appear to be a way to turn on/off individual Smart Lighting automations like you can with Routines. That is must have functionality for me. I deleted the Smart Lighting test automations and went back to using my Routines.

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hi yes they seem a bit slow compared to routines .

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Agree this is useful. If it was ever available in the old Smart Lighting, it’s not there now either.

Also Smart lighting automations are not listed on the Routines page for each device. Nor are they visible anywhere else I’ve found.

For the old, Groovy Smart Lighting the individual automation was listed in the IDE in the “In use by” field on the device’s detail page. And, of course, the IDE is going away soon.