Smartlife/Tuya Fan - speed control is missing

I have a 3-speed fan controller from Tuya. I linked it to smartthings via the smart life integration.
My problem is that smartthings only allows to switch it on/off. I can’t control the speed.
(I also connected the fan controller to Alexa. Alexa allows to control the speed).

Any idea why the speed control does not show up in smartthings and how to fix it?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Seconded. Come on SmartLife, let’s get certified!

I have a tuya fan but it’s not recognized by ST. How do I get it to appear in ST?

I got the fan working including speed, but it is a massive pain and you need to create “tap-to-run” scenes in Tuya, then setup webcore pistons. I posted more on how to do it at this link. Smartlife WiFi Fan Control

The integration definitely has room for improvement.

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