SmartThings and Alexa fan and light help for Treatlife Devices

This is more of a SmartThings virtual/simulated switch question.

I have 3 Treatlife fan and light wifi switches controlled by the Smart Life app. (Not ST compatible). The switches are controllable through Alexa with fan speed control and light dimming. I currently have them linked to ST through IFTTT and the Smart Life app but would like to get rid of the IFTTT connection.

Is there a virtual switch of some sort that I can add in ST and link in alexa?
I was looking at the simulated alexa switch but am not sure that would control the light dimming. I know I could create individual speed control routines for the fan.
I also looked at the simulated dimmer but do not see how to link with alexa since alexa routines can only be triggered by sensors and contacts.
I also read a link related to the old universal device handler but read that it may not work in the new ST app.
Any advice is appreciated! I am also open to suggestions for alternative switches.

Thank for the help.

You needbto use the smartlife app for your treatlife and the it will work with smartthings

@rayheat The switches are controlled in the Smart Life app. I linked Smart Life to SmartThings and my Lumary outlets show up but my Treatlife switches don’t show up. I tried creating tap to run scenes but they continuously say ‘offline’ and will not work.